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Importing and Sharing Bible Verse Collections

Benefit from public Bible memory verse collections and share your own Scripture collections with others.

    A verse collection is a published label.

    Find a Collection of Bible Memory Verses

    Select “Collections” from the left navigation drawer and use the search search function to find what you are looking for. Tap on a collection card to see more details, and tap the download download icon in the top right corner in order to import the collection’s verses into your account. A label with the collection’s name makes the new verses distinguishable from your other verses.

    Publish and Share a Collection of Verses

    Select “Collections” from the left navigation drawer and tap on the “Publish” button ( publish upload icon in the top right corner) in order to see a list of all labels that are attached to verses. A public_off crossed out world icon means, the label and its verses are not visible to other users.

    Tap on a label and provide a description of your collection in the form that pops up. To abort or to unpublish a previously published collection, tap the crossed out world icon at the bottom of the form. All publication details are deleted and the verses hidden from other users. When you are ready to publish, tap the highlighted public world icon at the bottom of the form. All publication details are saved and the collection will appear in other users’ search results.

    Embed Your Verse Collection in Your Website

    Since Remember Me 6 is also available as web application, you can embed a collection or a verse of a collection in your website. Visitors of your website will be able to use Remember Me’s games and flashcards right on your website. All you need to do is add an iframe element to your html code with the address of your own verse collection on, e.g.

        width="320" height="480" 
        title="Our Memory Verse Collection">

    which results in this: