Audio Features

Remember Me can read verses to you or record your recitation and play it back to you.

Repeatedly listening to verses supports your memorizing process. Recording your voice while reviewing a verse strenghtens your knowledge of it.

Listen to a Box of Verses

In order to start listening to verses, select the box you want to listen to. Listening to verses in your box “New” makes you familiar with them. Listening to verses in your box “Known” refreshes your knowledge. Press the play_arrow play button to start listening. Using the buttons at the bottom you can pause, stop, or skip a verse.

You can have Remember Me repeat all verses or a single verse or slow it down using the settings button (settings cog wheel) next to the control buttons.

If you would like to include the reference after the passage or to listen to verses by topic, activate the corresponding setting in “Account”.

Start with the Current Verse

With a flashcard in front of you, you can start playback by pressing the play_arrow play button in the top right corner. After returning to the verse list, the current verse is still marked as playing or paused. If you tap on the list’s play button now, the app starts reading out from that position in the list.

Listen while Studying a Verse

During the study games (see Studying), Remember Me reads each word or sentence you reveal. You can turn off speech using the settings menu (settings cog wheel) in the game.

Record and Play Back Your Own Recitation

The flashcards in your box “Due” (see Reviewing Passages) sport a mic microphone button at the bottom. Tap it to record your recitation of the passage. Pressing the button again or flipping the card stops the recording. After revealing the passage, playback starts and makes it easier for you to check if your recitation was correct.

Change the Voice

Remember Me uses your device’s text-to-speech engine. You can find instructions about changing the voice on

For Android devices there are multiple text-to-speech engines available, e.g.