How to Use Remember Me

Information about managing, memorizing, and sharing Bible verses with the Bible memorization app Remember Me.

What's New in Remember Me 6?

Remember Me 6 takes Bible memorization to a new level.

Five Steps to Remember

Memorize Bible verses with Remember Me. Apply the basic principles of Scripture memorization to your daily life.

Users and Accounts

Register as a user and create an account for your verses.

Managing Bible Memory Verses

Retrieve Bible verses from online bibles or add and edit any other text for learning by heart. Postpone, delete, or restore Bible memory flashcards.

Studying and Reviewing Scripture Memory Verses

Remember Me’s games and intelligent review system help you to memorize Scripture and retain it.

Grouping and Filtering by Labels

Selecting and deselecting labels allows you to hide, show, and filter verses as you please.

Importing and Sharing Bible Verse Collections

Benefit from public Bible memory verse collections and share your own Scripture collections with others.

Audio Features

Remember Me can read verses to you or record your recitation and play it back to you.

Bible Memory Plugin for Your Website

Embed your Bible memory verses as games, quizzes, and images into your church or homeschool website. Your visitors can engage in Bible memorization activities without leaving your web page.

Managing Prayer Cards and Devotions

Remember Me’s boxes help you to manage prayer cards and other texts you intend to read or listen to regularly.

Privacy Policy

This is how we protect your privacy.


Remember Me is published by Poimena, a non-profit organization that provides free services dedicated to spiritual growth.

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