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Memorize Bible Verses for Life - with games, images, audio and Bible flashcards

Add verses from online bibles and collectionsHave fun with multiple study methodsReview verses with audio playback and flashcardsUse lists and charts to track your success

Memorize with a System

The Bible memory app Remember Me is the perfect tool for Scripture memorization. It's free, fun, and faith-building. Choose custom Bible scriptures of a multitude of Bible versions. Get immersed into an experience of games, audio, and images until you know God's Word by heart. Remember Me's intelligent review system makes sure you retain your Scripture memory verses for life.


Multiple study methods (word puzzle, fill in the gaps, scripture typer) ● Randomly generated quizzes ● Flashcards with spaced repetition ● Listen to Bible verses or record yourself ● Bible verse images ● Retrieve scriptures from online Bibles ● Share public verse decks ● Sync with multiple devices ● Numerous Scripture translations ● Versatile labelling and filtering

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The new Remember Me version 6 is Open Source.

“This is an extraordinary app! It is very helpful for learning verses. The spaced repetition is amazing; very helpful in that it helps you to not forget already memorized verses.” Shelby Eckhoff

“The app is very helpful. Let’s be honest. Anything to help memorize God’s word is a blessing, but Remember Me is just the simplest and most elegant way I have found to help me do that. I recommend the app and want to encourage you, if you have been led to find a way to memorize Bible verses, to keep trying. Stay at it. No it is not easy, but this app makes it way easier. This app won’t make you do it, but it will make it fun. Oh, and make sure you study the context hermeneutically too!” Pat Patterson

“I began by using this app with my kids years ago. Now I am using it for myself. It has made Bible memorization simpler by keeping track of my verses, whether waiting in New, in process (Due), or learned & needing occasional review (Known). It is easy to group verses in lists if I so choose. I can select a version to learn any given verse in. And games make practicing & learning the verses a snap. All in all, I have found the app intuitive & fun.” User review